If you are honest, you will admit to the fact that at points in your life, you felt totally isolated and alone.

I will admit to it.

But the truth is, we are never alone.

God is always there. Just a whisper away. 

He promises to never leave or forsake us, and He always keeps His promises.

Trying to get through this life on your own leads to a lot of hurt and heartache.

I know for me, when I have done things “Jill’s way”, they did not work out. 

Here is something else to think about though.. God does not force Himself on anyone.

He created us with free will.

You are welcome to chose to live without Him in your life. But why on earth would you?

It’s not just the assurance of heaven in the after life. It’s much more than that.

The day to day relationship with God is what’s essential. 

He is a hands on, loving, kind, generous, merciful Heavenly Father who just wants to lead His children.

He wants you to use your talents, skills, and abilities to tell people about how much He loves them too.

So, He never leaves. He is always there.

If you are having a particularly difficult time, turn to Him. He will help you through it.

If things are going great, turn to Him and thank Him, because He is still there in the good times too.

Besides God being there, He has placed people in your life that are there for a reason.

We are made for community. God designed us that way. He never intended for us to try to wing it through life alone. Whatever you are dealing with, good or bad, let someone in your life that can walk through it with you. The Bible says in Ecclesiastes 4:12, “Though one may be over powered, two can defend themselves. A cord of three strands is not easily broken.”

My friend Lesa, who is the mom of little Tori that I have asked you to pray for, knows how much community means. She has met some of this group face to face, but others of us have yet to have the privilege.

At the conference this past Saturday, we sent her a picture of us with Tori on our phones or hands made into hearts to remind her that we, as a community, we are praying for them. They have family and face to face friends. But they have all of us as well.

If you will, please keep praying for them.

Jon Acuff says, “Fear fears community.” I think that’s true!

Whatever you are walking through right now. Remember, you are not alone! If I can pray for you about anything, please let me know.

We are Team Tori!