2 Corinthians 5:17, “This means that anyone who belongs to Christ has become a new person. The old life is gone; a new life has begun!” NLT
Thanks to a friend for texting me this picture and letting me use it.

Thanks to a friend for texting me this picture and letting me use it.

When we give our lives to God, we become new. God loves everyone, and wants everyone to have a relationship with Him. That love is what draws us to Him. Then, there are certain things we need to let Him deal with in our lives, as well as certain things WE need to deal with.

In my Christine Caine devotional today, she talked about guidelines for Christian living.

You see, becoming that new person means we now have ways that God wants us to live. It’s not a list of rules or anything. It is just that, guidelines.

We can’t live a full Christian life and disobey His guidelines. It doesn’t work that way.

Caine said, “No matter how gifted or anointed we are, we cannot disobey God’s fundamental rules for living and expect to run to win. Here are the principles I’ve come to appreciate and live by: WINNERS:

  1. Obey God’s laws
  2. Fix their eyes on Jesus.
  3. Learn to love self-control.
  4. Stay passionate.
  5. Deal with the past.
  6. Live generously.
  7. Remain grateful.
  8. Always get back up!

I will not go through all of these, but I want to say that I am still learning self control in a few places in my life. I do not have that mastered yet. But I acknowledge it, have accountability, and am working towards it.

Dealing with our past is SO important. We have to forgive others and ourselves. If we don’t, we will get stuck in life.

I love number 8! Because I am living proof of it! When life knocks you down, and it will, get back up again! God is not the author of chaos. He does not cause bad things to happen in your life. We have an enemy and just the world in general that likes to do that. When something bad happens, run to God, and no where else! He will heal, lead, and guide you through the rough times.

If you ever need prayer for anything, please contact me. I am here.

God bless you today and always.