“The righteous person is a guide to his friend, but the path of the wicked leads them astray. ” Proverbs 12:26

Do you mind if I brag on my Spiritual dad for a minute? I am SO extremely thankful for him. 

He is a 2 time Vietnam Veteran. He said he knew his Mama was praying for him, because that’s how he got home both times.

He has this really cool raspy voice. I enjoy listening to him. While he’s teaching us on Wednesday night, his wife, is constantly affirming what he’s saying with, “Amen.” “Hallelujah.”, or “Do it God.”

Because of his age, and his walk with God, Mr. Earnest is full of wisdom. He’s got years of experience and it is awesome to sit under his ministry and learn.

I believe we all need someone ahead of us in our walk with God. Someone with more experience, even if it’s only a little more, so that we can learn from them. It’s also good to have someone that’s under us, coming up and learning.

I noticed last night with my church youth group that several of the teenagers had friends there who aren’t living for God. They are doing the same thing. Inviting them and showing them the love of Jesus.

I wanted to share some of what Mr. Earnest said at Bible study last night. It’s really powerful to me.

“God is the same: yesterday, today, and tomorrow.”

“We fail to thank God for the small things – like waking up in the morning.”

“When we look in the mirror, we should see Jesus, not our flaws.”

“Jesus said He was going a way to send a Comforter. He is here to teach, lead, etc. The Holy Spirit is here for that and we have to receive it willingly.”

“The hedge of protection is around you as long as you stay in His hand. Nothing can take you from His hand, but you can walk out. If you walk out and the devil beats you up, you have to walk back.”

“God is worthy of our praise.”

“When you pray, believe you will receive.”

“Pray God’s Word back to Him.”

“Ask and thank. Don’t pray doubtful prayers.”

“We like to be prideful when things start going right. Everything we have is on loan from God.”

“He says He will give you the desires of your heart. If we can handle it, God will give it to you. Sometimes we aren’t ready for it – that’s why He doesn’t give it to us. He gives you just what you need, just when you need it.”

“When we try to over think God, that’s when we get in trouble.”

“If you’ve prayed about it, then He’s working. Thank Him for it.”

“Keep your mind stayed on Him whatever the situation.”

“When God is working, you join Him.”

“Don’t stop praying!”

I have many many more but I will stop there. If you are local and don’t have a church home, you are welcome to come join me on Wednesday nights. Just get in touch with me.

God is using Mr. Earnest to help me grow. I am super thankful for that!

I hope one of these words of wisdom touched your heart today.

God bless you today and always!