Well, since this week has been full of terrible public school events, I decided to write about homeschooling this morning.

Just this week, in Alabama, there was a kidnapping off a bus, where the bus driver was killed, and a middle school shooting in Atlanta. Here in Albany, a week or so ago, there have been fights at a high school and supposedly a gun was pulled.

Anyway…. our children attended public school. They never went to day care. (I’ve been a stay at home mom for years. Only working every now & then.) They all started out in Pre-K.

BUT, a couple of years ago, towards the end of their 7th, 5th and 3rd grade years, I really felt strongly that we needed to homeschool. If you would have told me in December of 2010 that I’d be homeschooling my kids in a couple of months, I would have laughed in your face! I never felt like it was for me. I never thought I could do it. But low & behold, that’s what I was called to do.

So, we take them out, and finish up that year. It was rough some to begin with. My children honestly didn’t know each other. They only saw each other in the evenings and on the weekends, so it has been an adjustment to be with their siblings 24/7. They still fight some days, it’s not all peachy keen. But they do have this chance to bond and be closer.

Homeschooling allows you to limit what your children are exposed to. One of my close friends has a daughter in the high school where the gun was supposedly pulled. (She didn’t see a gun. But the guy knew they had guns in the car and he wanted them to get arrested.)She was standing right there when the fight broke out. That’s scary!!

Curriculum wise, you have many choices. I like some of our’s to be Bible or creation based. I have the freedom to let them choose. My now two middle ones picked Astronomy for science, so that’s what we are doing. My 9th grader chose to start off with American history, so we did. The curriculum comes with the answers, tests, etc. Everything you need.

A couple of things this does for me is: 1. I know they are eating enough. My oldest son was always so hungry in middle school. 2. No one is offering them drugs, fighting with them, or bullying them. 3. I get this precious time with them before they move out and make a life for themselves.

I am now what I call a homeschool advocate! IF you are even somewhat feeling like you should homeschool your children, I say DO IT!! I know it’s not for everyone. I realize that..but if you have thought about it, even once, why not try? It might be the best thing you ever did!