At one time or other in our lives, we’ve heard someone say this quote. 
Did you know it was from Ben Franklin?

I bet you heard a pastor say it from the pulpit.

I bet he was even referring to the people at the corners with their cardboard signs
 asking for help. 

I bet a pastor even told you not to help people who approach you in a parking lot for help because if you give them money, “They will just go buy liquor with it.”

This quote from Ben Franklin is NOT from the Bible.

God has never said this.

If you are out and feel a tug on your heart to help someone. DO IT!

What they do with it is not your responsibility.

You listening and doing what your heart or God tells you to do is what is right.
 God can handle the rest.

Sometimes people need a hand. Sometimes life has hit them hard and they do not know what else to do. If you are able to help, why don’t you?

I believe God helps anyone who asks. He does not play favorites. 

People get knocked down by life. Maybe their parents never believed in them and encouraged them, so they didn’t use the talents and skills God gave them. Maybe they had a good job, but due to the economy, the company had to close. 

You never know someone’s story until you ask. And, you are not in a place to judge. 
That’s just simply not our job.

If you can, help someone today who can not repay you. I know you will be blessed!