This has been a crazy week! 
I’m sorry for not posting a blog post each day like I normally do.

This morning, I was just thinking,
 “Thank God I have a few people I can trust and Jesus!”

I hope you are blessed with best friends. 

I know I am.

I have the type of friends who DO NOT tickle my ear.

If I’ve done or said something that isn’t cool, they tell me. They talk to me about it and try to help me see my wrong.

It hurts sometimes.

BUT… it is making me a better person, and that’s all I want out of life. 
To be the best Jill I can.

God has a plan for our lives. It is very hard to trust said plan, when you have no idea what it is. Things have happened in my life that shocked me. I try to roll with the punches. Because I do trust God, I am trying to not freak out. I do not always understand the things that happen to me, good or bad. However, I know that God has no plans to harm me…so that makes me feel better.

Trust is a hard thing once it’s lost. Especially in a human relationship.

That’s the beauty of God though… we can trust Him, no matter what. He will never do anything to break our trust. I believe that good will always prevail! When our enemy tries to come and mess it all up, even if he does manage to throw a monkey wrench in, God will sort it all out. 

No human being can or will ever love you like God does.

Put your trust in Him like I have. And, if you don’t have a couple of best friends, trust someone enough to let them in your life. It really makes life sweeter. I love my friends!