Well, Valentine’s Day is fast approaching. For us single people, it’s just something we would rather avoid. It is a sweet day to tell people you love them I suppose.

Yesterday on the Christian radio station, KLOVE, I heard a call come in from a man who said he had been a Muslim and Atheist, but was now a Christian. He explained how he enjoyed the music to the DJ’s. What really hit me was his answer to the question, “What made you decide to live for Jesus?”

He said that as a Muslim he was taught to hate. That religion says “If they aren’t like you they are wrong and you should hate them.” Once, he was tired of that, he became an atheist.

What brought him to Jesus was LOVE!

He would talk with Christians who did not argue with him. They were loving and kind. 

This is the BEST way to reach people for Christ in my opinion.

In his message Sunday, my Pastor reminded us that we are to be Light in this dark world. But guess what that means… you hang out with people who don’t look or live like you.

Jesus set the example for us by hanging out with the “sinners”, for lack of a better term, all the time. He was with the women, tax collectors, prostitutes and sick.

We need to be loving the people who aren’t like us in this modern world too. Go to that bar, talk to the person who is gay, love on the religious person who doesn’t see God correctly. 

The Bible says in 1 John 1:8, “Whoever does not love does not know God, because God is love.”

Real true, honest love isn’t between a man and woman. It’s between a Christian and someone who doesn’t look like them.

It’s also between our Heavenly Father and us. He loves us so much!

Nothing you can do or did in the past will make Him love you any less. As well as nothing you can do will make Him love you any more.

He loves us so much that He sent Jesus to the earth to take on our sins, and show us how to live. 

You ARE loved! Not just for Valentine’s Day, but EVERY day!