Sunday, I went to my church, then headed over to my work church. (I’m sorry if this confuses you. It does some people.) I am an administrative assistant at a church, but I worship and attend a different church. It works for me.

Ron, the Associate Pastor at my work, talked about investing in others. 

Most of the time when we hear the word “Invest” our first thoughts turn to money. There are many people who use the stock exchange to invest their money in other places so that they will hopefully make money in return.

However, investing is also something we can do with people and our time as well.

Ron told a story, much like the story of the movie Blind Side. A family that was involved in a school used to have the kids over after activities. Over time, one of the students would spend the night. Then, he just stayed and became a part of the family. When they moved, he went with them. They raised him, put him through college and everything. Now he is in hospital administration is FL. They invested in his life.

There are people like this in our lives, who could use our investment. They could use our prayers, a kind word, time, support, or just maybe a listening ear.

If we all took some time to invest in others, then someone would be investing in us as well. I am in these groups on Facebook that were started by a writer named Jon Acuff. Some of the members have put out some amazing products. I have purchased some of their things before, and recently as gifts. Now that Christmas is close, I’m planning on buying things from them as gifts. This is me supporting them and investing in their dreams and business’. They have already been helping me with publishing my book. We support each other. It’s what just a small part of what we’ve been called to do.

Proverbs 18:24 from The Message says, “Friends come and go, but a true friend sticks by you like family.”

That’s what investing in someone looks like. 

Do you take the time to do this? Are you investing in others or so wrapped up in your own stuff that you aren’t seeing what others are going through?

Take a few minutes each day to invest in someone else. You’ll be glad you did!

God bless you today and always!