About once a week, I go to Burger King for grits.

Yes, I said grits.

I could make them at home, but I like grits that are made by other people. 
I’m weird, I know.

When I go by the window, I see a bunch of old men sitting inside talking.

They are probably retired.

It got me thinking. If they are retired, why on earth are they up so early and sitting in Burger King?

Then, it dawned on me. 


They probably miss the company of others on their jobs. I’m sure they don’t miss “working”… but they are used to getting up early and talking to people.

So, they commune at a fast food place.

I have also seen this in a Krystal Burger place in my town.

Community is living life together.

That can happen in several different ways.

These retired people are enjoying each other’s company every morning.

There is community at church, some jobs, and your neighborhood.

I had an unusually rough evening last night. I posted on Facebook asking for prayer and had a ton of response. I have had a friend help me out around the house. That’s community!

When you have people in your life that you can count on. That celebrate the good with you and lift you up during the bad, that’s community.

The groups I’m in on Facebook, 30 Days of Hustle, Dreamers and Builders, and the other sub groups I’m in are communities. 
We have common goals and live life together.

I want to encourage you.

If you do not have a community, step out of your comfort zone and move into one. Go to church if you don’t. Start hanging out with friends if you aren’t. 
We aren’t supposed to live life alone. 

What will you do different today?