The other day, a friend said this, “I have discovered that sometimes the people who should be our biggest fans just aren’t, while people who shouldn’t care much at all end up being our biggest fans.”

Now, right off the bat, let me just say… being a “fan” has different degrees. You can just be a fan, or you can be fanatic about something or someone. You can also make someone an idol which is a bad thing.

Sometimes, the people closest to you just don’t understand what you are trying to do. Having a talk with them and letting them see your passion might help that.

Since there are people who don’t have fans, I highly recommend you be a fan of someone.


You might have a friend, family member, or co-worker that needs encouragement with something they are dealing with. It’s about support.

The groups that I’m in on Facebook are very supportive. They understand my “hustle”. They GET that I want to put my blog posts together and make a devotional book out of them.

Here are a few of them that I admire are: 

David Mike who writes on his blog

Brian Mays and Scott Cuzzo are both really good graphic artists. 

Joshua Hatcher has like 3 blogs and does a ton of other awesome stuff!

Corie Clark made an amazing planner for 2015 and thanks to support from our groups, she sold out! She’s a writer, too! Corie’s Facebook Page

Melissa Comstock Thomas is encouraging in the groups and writes a cool blog…

Joyce Glass, who I know personally, is a writer, speaker and wants to help people stay healthy with Plexs.

Carla Musarra-Leonard has a blog for women that helps with our undergarments! Hey, it’s what she’s passionate about!

You know what? I’m a fan of anyone that wants to make a difference in this world.

Sometimes, you might be the only person who encourages someone in their “hustle”. 
Do it if you feel led to! They might need that encouraging word, pat on the back, or shoulder to cry on.

The only person, I recommend we NOT be a fan of, is Jesus. Because sometimes, as fans, we stay back, we support from a distance and don’t really get to know the person. We need to be close to Him. We need to be His followers, not His fans.

I found this font in my Instaquote app.. I know a lot of people are Disney fans, so it seemed fitting…

Who are you a fan of?