Walking my dogs this morning, I noticed one of my neighbor’s on the other end of the street has 3 folding chairs set up in a semi-circle. I’m sure he has been sitting there with his wife and maybe another neighbor enjoying good conversation.

I have a set up much like that, only with 2 chairs and an empty flower pot in the middle in my front yard. It’s my “SPOT”. I like to talk on the phone there, pray, or just enjoy some alone time.

It’s important to find a spot that helps you stay focused. Somewhere to unwind, pray, and meditate. Heck, you could even read your Bible there if you wanted to. Just something special for you.

Here is a view from my spot. It’s under a little tree and I can see down my street. I really enjoy it out there.

So, where is your spot? If you don’t have one, I recommend you finding one.