I have been going through a situation in my life…. something the people close to me know about, but nothing I really care to discuss on here. I can not deny though, that God has been speaking to me. It’s strange, because it’s through different graphics I’ve been seeing online.

I have heard God in different ways before. Sometimes a Bible verse will jump out at me. Other times, it’s through teaching I hear at church. I have actually heard a voice once, years ago. It’s amazing to me how He will speak to us. It has also been my experience, that if you hear the same thing from 3 different people, that’s usually God using them to speak to you. He works in mysterious ways, but sometimes you just can not deny it’s Him. 

I just feel led to share these and maybe someone else out here needs to see them too!

This is so true. I never wish harm on anyone. Even someone who hurt me.

This one really hit the nail on the head!