I love my Pastor and our church. And, I love God because He knows just what I need, when I need it. My Pastor is preaching on “So, you had a bad day.” He is relating Jesus’ worst day, the day He was killed, to our human bad days. He is also talking about other Bible people who had bad days and what happened in their lives.

I want to share some of his points from yesterday because it really helped me. I just know someone out here in the Internet world needs to read this.

Trust & faith is about opening up to God- even in the dark times. Jesus felt all of the weight of humanity & He asked why. So He understands us asking why when things happen. God’s silence doesn’t mean He has left us- but that He is so close to us we should know He is there. He doesn’t have to speak.

When Jesus walked the earth, He went to the miserable people, to heal them.

For 34 chapters, Job asked God why this was happening to him. If you don’t know his story, read the first few chapters of Job. God spoke to Job and brought things into perspective for him. Job 40: 3&4 God as bigger than what you are walking through.

1.Change your perspective- God is going to redeem it, it’s not the end. Job 42:2
2.Relinquish control- Job 42:3
3. Be aware of His presence- Job 42:4 & Hebrews 10: 22 & 23

Here are four things to know when life gets chaotic:
1. God is there! Psalm 139: 7 & 8
2. God’s timing is perfect! Acts 16: 25 & 26
3. God knows best! God is love! Nothing is wasted, He works all things for our good.
4. God cares! Cast all of your cares on Him because He cares for you. James 5:1MSG and Romans 8:28

My husband leaving me doesn’t make sense to me. But I can hold on to these truth’s and KNOW that I KNOW that I KNOW God is with me! I hope you know that too!