Have you ever noticed that grass doesn’t really grow under trees?  I mean, you see paintings, and every once in a while, a picture of thick beautiful grass under trees….but it’s been my experience, especially in my own yard, that it’s really hard for grass to grow underneath trees.
I love trees. This one in the picture is amazing to me. I have a large oak tree in my yard and I love it. But, I barely have any grass under it.
The reason for the lack of grass, is the sun. Sun can’t get through those big branches and leafy greens. Rain gets through, the seed or sod was there to begin with, but the key ingredient of the sun is missing.
I think that’s how we are sometimes. While some Christians might be strong in some areas, like Bible reading, for example. Other Christians struggle with getting up for church.
This could be about the S O N. Maybe we haven’t allowed Jesus into that part of our heart and life. It’s missing the Son, so we can’t grow in that area.
What do you need to ask for His help with today?