Well, my post yesterday caused some conversation, which is what I wanted. But what I didn’t want was for people to take my heart wrong.

Yesterday, our Youth Pastor taught another message in our Culture Shift series. Something he said really jumped out at me and it’s something I have tried REALLY hard to do.

He said, “If you aren’t growing in love for people, you aren’t growing spiritually.”

And “For some reason, the longer people follow Jesus, the less they love people; the more critical and judgmental they become.”

I realize now that my church sign rant is criticizing a church. That was not my intent, but that’s what happens when you complain about a church sign. It seems like I hate that church and their beliefs because of what their sign says.

Truth be known. I don’t know anyone who goes to that church. 

Matthew 18 tells us to go to any person who has offended us and talk to them first. I didn’t do that. Therefore, I did wrong by writing my post about their sign.

I used to be a fundy judgmental critical Christian. 

I have change A LOT! I have loved and grown, so being told that I criticize Christians really really hurt my feelings. I never meant to do that. 

I hope you all hear my heart on this. I didn’t mean to fully judge that church. What I meant to do was show people that what the sign says isn’t the full truth.

Some of my friends pointed out that they felt like the sign meant that our prayers should be genuine. So many times we pray just to mark it off our to do list for the day. I understand that could be what the church intended for it to mean.

I apologize for seeming judgmental and critical of another body of believers. God knows my heart and why I wrote what I wrote. However, you the readers, especially ones who don’t know me well, could take it wrong.

Paul tells us in Corinthians that if we don’t have love while doing things, we have nothing. Jesus told us to love our neighbor as ourselves. I just want you all to know how much I love everyone. Christians and non Christians.