I think I’ve posted this picture on my blog before, if so, I apologize. 
I have a different reason for posting it this time.

See that porch post behind me? I usually take a picture of my porch because I change my wreathe and stuff for the seasons, but I couldn’t find a picture, so this will have to do.

(In case you forgot, my t-shirt is a reminder to pray for little Tori who is 8 months old and has a rare genetic disease. I pray everyday for God to earthly heal her.)

Anyway, back to the porch.

I was thinking about it last night as I fell asleep. I had a conversation with a man who’s ex wife cheated on him. They are now divorced and eight months later he’s still struggling through anger, frustration and pain. I told him that he is giving her that power over him, it’s time to move forward. I explained some of the things that God has done in my life since my divorce. My life has been nothing short of a miracle.

The porch came to mind.

All a porch is is roofing from the house held up with two poles. 

One on each side.

Without one of the poles, you don’t have a porch. You’d have a mess. The roof of the house holds one side, and the poles hold the other.

Our lives are like the porch. You’ve got to have a second pole. Otherwise, you have a mess.

For me, that other pole is God.

He is my stable, loving, Heavenly Father that has walked me through some of the hardest times in my life. 

Being cheated on or mistreated by the person who vowed to love you unconditionally until death do you part is painful! That rejection is huge. Especially when you are the type person who would have never done that to someone else. AND especially, if you are cheated on with someone who you feel was a “down grade” from yourself. It’s a HUGE slap in the face.

NOTHING anyone can do in a relationship will MAKE that other person cheat. It’s their choice. Things could be bad in the marriage, but they could have talked about it and went for counseling for help. If that didn’t work, then divorce. Cheating is not the way out of a marriage.

Anyway, my point is this. Without God as your stable other half, life can be hard. Heck, life is hard sometimes anyway with God. However, without Him, it would be much much worse.

Will you allow God to be your other porch pole?
I bet you will be glad you did if you try. 

He loves you and just wants to help you through.