I am still not finished posting from the Launch Out speakers. I have been posting what God inspires me to write on some days, and others coming here to try to inspire YOU by these awesome talks.

Mike Loomis of http://mikeloomis.co/ works from home and is living the life he always dreamed of! He is a published author as well as a cheerleader for others who want to follow their dreams. Here is a link to Mike’s book: Amazon

The tag line on his site is, “Launch & grow your book, brand, business, and dreams.”

He’s in the business of helping others live their dreams. I think that’s pretty cool.

Mike’s whole talk was about doing your best at the job you have now, in order to create everything you need to work your dream job.

Three steps to that are:

1. Have money set aside. Make a business plan. You are working, so you’ve got a steady income.

2. Value. Let everything at your current job be good. Meet needs and let it be valuable. 

3.Risks. You’ve got to take risks. You will make mistakes, but that’s ok. Learn from them.

Mike said, “Your dream gig is more like a farm than a factory. So learn to plant seeds, water them, and don’t expect an immediate harvest in your dream.”

If you are working at a regular job but have a dream, you still have chance. Talk to Mike. He will help you. You can launch while working. That’s what I’m doing.

I would love to be a stay at home paid author. That might not ever happen. BUT I can be a published author and keep my administrative assistant position. That’s not problem for me. I am still chasing my dream while working my regular job.

Some people are just miserable at their jobs. You have hope!

Take 10 minutes and 20 seconds to watch Mike’s talk. I think you will be inspired!
Mike’s Talk at Launch Out