Nerd alert… 

I am a huge J.R.R.Tolkien and C.S.Lewis fan… so that’s your warning! LOL

Two of my children and I went to see The Hobbit yesterday. I believe the director Peter Jackson has really done Tolkien justice. The movies are really good to me. These movies have also given me a place I want to visit, New Zealand, the place they are filmed. It is a beautiful place.

I will not spoil the movie for any of you planning on seeing it..but Thorin, the dwarf king said something in this movie that I have to write about.

Here is his quote,
“If more people valued home over gold this would be a merrier place.”

This touched my heart as soon as it came out of his mouth! I grabbed my phone to write in on my notepad thing.

What is home to you?

Is it the actual structure? The walls, the roof over your head, the doors and windows?

To me, that’s my house.

My home is the people in my heart.

My parents, children, cousins, best friends, church family, work family, friends… my home, is who I love.

They are WAY more valuable than gold.

Some people get that confused.

They allow money to take over their heart and push the people out.

What do you need to change in 2015? Is money in the wrong place in your life? 
Maybe you’ve got some relationships that need work…. 

Guess what? Right now, as long as you are alive, and they are alive, you have a chance!


I hope home for you is awesome. My life is not perfect. I don’t pretend it is. But love… yeah, I’ve got that. I am loved by the people in my life, and for the first time, I actually love myself as well. It’s so freeing!! I pray you will get to this place. It’s a great place to be.