I posted last week or so about my “DO Summer” that Jon Acuff has challenged us with. I honestly haven’t worked on my book for the last several days. I need to get caught up.

Yesterday, at Zumba, we had someone say she couldn’t do something.

NEVER tell Reggie you “CAN’T” do something!

He does not like that word in his Zumba studio.

The thing is, at least you can try. Ya know?

I used to not be able to spin around. I would get dizzy, but I started trying on different songs and I have gotten to the point that I can handle some turns. 

What is something that you need to do?

Maybe you need to exercise regularly, read your Bible, drink more water, spend time with other people, write your own book, de-clutter your house, pay off debt, save money for something… whatever it is you need to do, what’s stopping you?

If you try what Jon Acuff suggests, just 15 minutes a day, maybe that’s enough to motivate you. 

I tend to get overwhelmed myself. Sometimes the task at hand just seems TOO big for me. 

Taking it down to small sizes like 15 minutes a day is something I can do. 

One thing I am working on is saving up to become a Zumba instructor. I looked at my budget and between now and August 1st, when I need to pay for the class, all I have to get out of each pay check is $15. Coincidence? I think not!

Things are DOable, when you have help, when you set your mind to it, and when you break it down into small chunks to deal with.

Barbara wrote this on the board at class yesterday:

It’s DO O’Clock!

What do you need to do??

How can I help you?

I will pray for you, encourage you, get someone else to help you if I can’t… whatever it takes. 

Community makes life so much easier to “do” anything.