In Matthew  25: 14-29 Jesus taught a parable about a man who gave three men “talents”. In that culture, a talent was money. But this was a parable… so that means that it was a story used as an example. The “Master” gave one man 5 talents, another man 2, and the last man 1. The dude with 5 talents used it and doubled his money. So did the second dude. The last guy was scared of his master and buried his talent in the dirt.

God gives us all talents and gifts. Yes, you have them. There are spiritual gifts and regular gifts. You can take a spiritual gifts test for free online if you do not know your’s.

One of my regular gifts is writing. Writing has always come easy for me. In High school, when we had to write papers, I did not need a time line. It just flowed for me. I just sat on this talent/ gift for years. Now, I use it for God. This blog has been something I enjoy writing. I believe God wants to use my experiences to help people see what He is really like.
 I am honored to write about Him.

A spiritual gift of mine is encouragement…. or maybe that being positive thing I wrote about one time is included in it. I just look to the bright side of life. I try to lift others up and help them see the positive. We live in such a negative dark world. Jesus is the light! 
So, I want to shine my light to help others.

God does not want you to bury your talents and gifts in the dirt and not use them. He wants us to honor Him with what He has given us. 

I have a cousin who is big into exercising and being organized at home. I believe these are gifts of her’s. As much as I love Zumba, I do not possess the ability to encourage anyone else to exercise. As far as the house goes, I’m not nasty, just unorganized some. I let stuff get away from me instead of staying on top of it like she does. She’s gifted in these areas and wants to help others. That’s what God wants us to do. Love Him, and love others.

Think about your life… what comes naturally and easy for you? What is one or two areas that you’ve been complimented by others on? Is there something you do that others have said, “I could never do that.”? 
Maybe that’s your gift! 

Take some time today to think about this and then I hope you will make up your mind to use it for God. 
He loves you and wants to help others through you.