Since I’ve been writing my blog, I have figured out that I am passionate about helping people break out of religion and legalism. Those two things are man made. 

God is interested in a relationship with us. You do not have to jump through hoops, read your Bible every day for hours, pray everyday for hours and go to church every time the doors are open for God to love you. He sent Jesus as a sacrifice and first firsts offering in our place. He will never pour out wrath on you because He took care of that on the cross.

I have a friends who are passionate about ending abortion, animal rights, poverty, adoption, and helping others become healthy.

My 16 year old son is very passionate about helping people who self harm themselves, and who might be considering suicide. He has also become a good writer. (Takes after me, I guess.) I wanted to share something he wrote.

“If you hurt yourself I’m here
If you’ve burnt yourself I’ll be there
If you want to die I’ll tell you it’s a lie
If you can’t stand your body I’ll show you how beautiful you are 

God has GREAT and WONDERFUL things planned for you
Stay true to you and you’ll get the clue of what’s truly real

The truth and what’s real is the small and undeniable truth that you have a great purpose you have a job here no one else can do so stop listening to the lies satan is whispering in your ear.”

What makes you sad, mad, or glad?

That’s probably your passion. 

Are you doing anything about it?