This past weekend was a busy one for me. One of the main things I did was clean. I mean deep down spring cleaning type stuff.

My small group started Saturday night, so that was the main reason.

Then, God blessed me with a new bed! It’s a long story, and I won’t bore you with it..but this was a total blessing. So I had to play musical beds yesterday. 

I had been sleeping on my bed since the 90’s. I can’t remember the exact year, but it might have been 1995 or 96. It had been in the same spot it was in for at least 10 years. 

Since my ex husband left, I hadn’t done anything to the bed. Including clean out from under it.

I don’t know why I was avoiding it, but I was.

Guess what? Avoiding things doesn’t make them go away.

The dust and some trash was still there. I was shocked to find ketchup packets under my bed. My dad said the dogs must have gotten it from the kitchen then gone under my bed to eat it. 

Life happens and we get busy, but if you are avoiding something because you don’t want to face it, it’s time to stop.

Face it and move forward.

Maybe you need to talk to someone. Maybe you need to apologize to them. Or maybe you feel like they owe you an apology. Do it. Don’t waste anymore time. Life is short… and we aren’t promised tomorrow.

Maybe your health is fading but you are avoiding exercising and eating better. Get busy!       If you are within driving distance of where I live, come to Zumba with me and try it. It might just be what you are looking for.

Here is a big one.. maybe your relationship with God isn’t where it needs to be. Maybe you feel like you are in a rut. Let me tell you a little about my Youth Pastor’s message yesterday…

Religion says that obedience is the center of our relationship with God. That’s not true.

The center of our relationship with God should be love. Are you loving God like you did before?

If so, then reading your Bible, praying, and attending church are easy and natural for you. If something is blocking your love for Him, you are probably struggling.

Stop avoiding it! It’s time to do what you need to do. Whatever IT is. 

If you would like me to pray for you. I will. You can pray for me too. I have been avoiding working on my book. It’s sitting here by my desk with edits from my dad. I’m just not doing it. I will get to work soon. I need to because now I’m off schedule on publishing.

Thank you for praying for me. Let me know if I can pray for you.
God bless you today and always.