My flower beds had gotten overgrown with weeds. It has rained so much, that the weeds had gotten out of control. I’d been lazy too, and hadn’t pulled them in a long time. Today was the day to get it done. So, I did it.

As you can imagine, this got me thinking about the God. I have always had this image of our lives being like a flower bed. We have beautiful flowers in our lives, our family & friends, gifts, talents, abilities, etc. But we usually have weeds too. Thinking badly of ourselves, lying, cheating, cussing, being mean to people, judging people, murder, stealing, and so on and so forth…. (there are just too many sins aka weeds to list.)

As I pulled out the real weeds, I noticed how easily the roots came up. They weren’t very far in the ground. These weeds can grow large but don’t have a deep root system. The tricky thing about weeds are that they will keep coming back if they aren’t pulled up completely or killed with some type of spray.

The same is true for our sins. If we don’t allow God to make the changes necessary, these things can come back and take over our lives. It’s also important to have your root system dug down deep into a relationship with God. He loves you so much and only wants what’s best for you.

What weeds to you need pulled out of your life?