I have two sets of friends getting married in October. I love weddings. I like to direct them, make flower arrangements, decorate, etc. 

It’s funny because since I’ve been divorced, I’ve been around more weddings than normal. I had a job at a wedding venue where I helped decorate and direct. Now, I’ve been helping these  friends get ready for their big days.

Instead of being cynical and down about it, it actually gives me hope.

Even yesterday, driving around town, I noticed so many drivers with wedding rings on.
 (Yes, I’m weird and pay attention to details like that.) I believe that the rings are a symbol to show the world that your heart is taken by someone. This should be serious for people.
I have been told that if you wear a ring, more men hit on you. That’s just wrong people.

The old me would have gotten down and upset thinking, “Will I ever be married again?” 
God spoke softly to my heart, even before I could think that, “You will”. I trust Him.

There have been divorces in my family, among friends, and even just people I meet that were unexpected. The divorce rate for church goers and non church goers is exactly the same, about 50%. It happens for some reason.

The wedding ceremony is not the ultimate goal anyway…. the MARRIAGE is what needs to be strong and secure. Marriage is important and should not be taken lightly. You don’t get married and think that if it doesn’t work out you’ll just get divorced. The goal is stay married forever. I know sometimes it happens and it is nothing we planned on. So, I’m just speaking to the people who think divorce is an option.

However, we can all have hope!

There are billions of people on this earth. There is bound to be ONE that will come into your life and make a difference. One that will really love you for you.

I’ve learned that race/ color of skin doesn’t matter either.

A person is not their skin. That’s just the shell that holds them. When two people are really in love, nothing should stop that.

  All of us divorced folks, or widows can have a good marriage one day.
We just need to wait on God for it.

I will be happy to have that love one day…but until then, I’m content with God.

He loves me more than any human being on this planet does, or ever could anyway!