My Pastor gave an amazing message at church last night! It was about how to walk in and step out in faith! It was something I really needed to hear.
His definition of faith is this: Assumable trustworthiness
Don’t ever think God can’t do anything in your life because of your past!
Be faithful & available.
God calls us to do big & great things because He gets the glory!
To have faith you must be
#1. A risk taker: you have to see what no one else sees
#2. An adventurer: you must step out into uncharted territory
You will never make it to the finish line, if you don’t start first!
When God calls you to step out in faith and you don’t, you are doing what everyone else is. Our faith won’t grow if you don’t go!
The Greek definition of see is: “Be in the presence of & affected by”.
Let’s put that in a Scripture:
Matthew 5:8, “Blessed are the pure in heart for they will (see) be in the presence of and affected by God.”
Change the way you see Him! Magnify the LORD! Make God bigger than anything you are walking through. It only takes a little faith!