This is my friend Kimberli. She has been in the groups on Facebook with me for some time, but we just become closer friends these last several months.

She is awesome!

Kimberli is a mom of 4 adult children, a manager in a big retail chain, and on her way to become a famous speaker. Launch Out helped her make up her mind about that.

Last year, in 2014, she left Florida and flew to Oklahoma for the first ever Launch Out Conference. When everyone went around the table saying what their “hustle” was, or what they wanted to “Launch”, she couldn’t think of anything. She wasn’t on the same path as some of the group. 

Her heart stirred and when her time came, she said, “I want to love me.”

Wow! How powerful is that?

This past year, she’s done just that. What she’s holding in her hand in this picture is a rock. She had a little tray with dirt and rocks by her bed. Something that’s supposed to make you feel tranquil. She realized the rock had dust on it… then she felt in her heart that the rock represented her life. She had allowed it to just sit and collect dust.


Kimberli got serious and started losing weight. She did it for her health and herself. 

Her main points were “Transparency breeds freedom. Someone needs your story. Your voice is all you have.”

Being vulnerable, open and honest about life is the way to reach others.

PLEASE take 7 minutes and 27 seconds to watch her talk. There is a surprise at the end. She had me in tears.

I am HONORED to call her my friend. She is a bright light in this dark world. 
She’s beautiful, talented and all around amazing. 

Here is the link to her talk: Kim’s Talk
Her Twitter handle is at the beginning of her talk. I recommend you follow her. She also does Periscope talks and is always very encouraging.