Last night I was at my friend’s house who’s husband passed away over the weekend. Some friends were leaving, and I walked out to tell them something. Suddenly, a convoy of cars & trucks turned on the street. We said out loud, “Wonder who that is?” I said maybe it was our friend’s mud bogging buddies. As they slowly got out of their cars and trucks, I recognized almost all of them.

It was Monday night. Our men’s ministry meets at church every Monday night. The leader of the pack, with a very southern name you’ll all enjoy, Earl, was walking in front leading the guys to the house. 

They came to see my friend. They came to tell her that they are here for her and her children.Whatever they need. She said, “I’ve got my teenage son, and he’s going to need you guys.” They said, “That’s what we are here for.”

The Bible says to take care of the widows and orphans. Our church takes that literally. 

Let me tell you something though… my friend… she is the most giving and mission minded person I have ever met. If you can read it, in the picture, her t-shirt says, “Change the world from your own backyard.” It is from a local ministry called “Mission Change” that she serves with regularly. She serves in our children’s ministry, cooks for events, and just volunteers for so much.

Twice last night she tried to express to me how overwhelmed she was with the love that’s being poured out on her. She said, “I am seeing that when you give, you get back.” She doesn’t mean that in a negative way at all. She’s always served because that’s her heart. She serves because she WANTS to. Not because she’s ever expected anything back.

Now, she’s seeing just how much her service has meant to other people. 

Now, she’s being ministered to.

Now, the “church” the body of Christ, has stepped up to love on her and her children.

Earl said, “You know why we’re here. We are going to do for you what we do for men in the group who need it.” He grabbed a chair and put in the middle of her living room floor.

Then, this happened:

I had to capture this shot.

I knew it would mean so much to her and I was right. She was so blessed and moved by these men’s simple act of prayer and letting her know that they are here for her.

This is what it looks like when the Church, the Body of Christ, comes together to minister to someone in pain. This is what it looks like for MEN, real MEN to step up and say “We will do anything you need us to.” 

Listen, from the very depth of my heart, I want you to hear me. If you aren’t attending church, please find one and go. This is our church FAMILY! It’s not just people we attend church with. It’s people we do life with. It’s people who are there for us in our times of need. It’s people who pray, hug, and lift us up.

You don’t have to attend church to be a Christian. And yeah, it’s a room full of people who make mistakes, it’s made up of human beings, it’s not perfect. But you know what? Our church is perfect for me. There is one out there that’s perfect for you too.

I pray that you will find somewhere to attend. You need that family, and they need you.

God bless you today and always.