“This is the message we heard from Jesus and now declare to you: God is light, and there is no darkness in Him at all.” 1 John 1:5


Have you seen that story floating around Facebook where the teacher is trying to prove that God does not exist? The teacher points out all the bad in the world, and says God can’t exist because there is bad in the world.

A student then, says there is no such thing as darkness. To which the teacher says there is. The student replies, “If darkness was something, you’d be able to make it darker. The truth is, darkness is the absence of light.” (I’m pretty sure this story isn’t real.)

This world is a dark world, because The Light is not in every person.

If you are a Christian and you have The Light in you, there is something we need to do.

Be the light!

Jesus said in Matthew 5:14, “You are the light of the world- like a city on a hilltop that cannot be hidden.”

He has called us to shine His light before men.


This means we do not shine our light ON people. We do not point out their mistakes, their flaws, their habits, hang ups, and mess ups.

We shine our light BEFORE them to show them the way to Jesus. One way we do that is by telling our story.

My Pastor taught about being a culture of testimony on Sunday. We need to tell our story and tell what God has done for us in order for others to see that God loves them.

The things God has done for us gives others hope that He will do the same for them.

That girl who had a baby out of wedlock, she needs to hear how you lived through the same thing and God still loves you.

The man who cheated on his wife but has asked for forgiveness and wants to make it right, he needs to hear how your marriage was stored after the same thing happened.

The teenager who is running from God, needs to hear what God did in your life as a teenager.

The drug and alcoholic needs to hear how God saved you from the addiction and that He will help them stop using too.

Our testimony, our story, is simply telling others what God has done in and through us. There is no right or wrong way, because it’s the truth of what He’s done in your life.

Will you be brave and be a light in this dark world? I hope so. The world needs your story.

God bless you today and always.