My Pastor did a message series about the places Jesus bled. Since this is the week before Easter, I wanted to take each day this week to talk about it.

In Luke 22: 44 Jesus’ prayer time in the Garden is recorded by Luke. Jesus knew that He was going to the cross to die for everyone’s sins, and He was willing. However, I can only imagine how stressed out He must have been knowing that He was about to endure terrible pain. He asked God to take “this cup”, meaning what was about to happen from Him, if it was God’s will. The stress during His prayer time caused Him to sweat drops of blood.

One thing my Pastor pointed out that was very interesting to me, was that the garden was the first place He bled…and that blood was shed for the redemption of the sin that took place in the garden of Eden.

You see, God has reasons for things. He is not random and does not just let things happen.

God had a plan in place from the very beginning.

Why is sin in the world at all?

Because God did not make us robots to just do what we are told. He wanted us to have free will and make our own choices. 

Since He knew we would mess up, He planned for Jesus to come and redeem us from our mistakes. I think it’s totally cool that redemption happened in different places with different meanings. 

I hope you enjoy this week, as we reflect back on what Jesus did for us. He loves us so much. I am so thankful for that love and redemption!