When the Roman soldiers finally got Jesus to carry His cross through the streets, He had been beaten so much that you could hardly tell who He was. 

I remember watching the Passion of the Christ movie in the theater years ago. Someone said, “No wonder it didn’t take Him long to die on the cross, they had already beaten Him half to death.” Which was true. The flogging, the beating, the crown of thorns on His head… it was painful and I’m sure any doctor could tell us of all the damage done to His body.

Once they got to the hill they were putting Jesus’ and the two thieves crosses, they laid it down on the ground in order to nail His hands and feet to the wood. This was just another way to cause more pain.

The cross was one method of killing people during this time period. Normally, it was reserved for very bad criminals. Pictures we see show the cross up really high, but my Pastor said in his studies, he has learned that it wasn’t very high at all. The point was for people to be able to go by and spit and mock whoever was hanging on the cross.

When Jesus bled from His hands and feet, that was reconnecting us to God. It allows us to have full access to God. Everywhere we go, God is with us. I’ve heard in church how we are to be God’s hands and feet. He uses us to do great things. As hard as it is to see and believe, I am thankful that Jesus went to the cross to die for my sins. But I’m more thankful that the grave didn’t hold Him down! He is risen, He is risen indeed!