Last night, as I was getting the water ready for my bath, I noticed a little spider in the bottom of the tub. (I wish this was a REAL picture of my bathroom. LOL) Anyway, before the water got to the little spider, I let it run on my hand and put it up away from the water. Before I knew it, the spider nose dived back in the tub. So, I picked it up again, and put it up high away from the water. Immediately, the spider jumped a second time in the tub, but this time, there was water where it jumped. I picked it up out of the water, and put it up high, but it was too late. It never moved.

This reminded me of how God takes care of us and how sometimes, we just don’t heed His warnings. He sees what’s ahead of us, and knows the dangers, so He throws something in the way to slow us down, (Or pick us up and put us where the water won’t hurt us.)

Here is an example: A man was late for a breakfast meeting in the twin towers on September 11th because his son missed the school bus.

God picks us up sometimes, moves us to the right place, but we are hard headed and turn around and go back to what He moved us from.

If this has happened to you, you will understand what I’m talking about. If not, think back, or pay attention now, and when you feel God move you, He has a good reason and it could be something He is saving you from, like a tub of water.