We live in a modern world with computers, the internet, and so many other inventions that make our lives better…. and yet we still have slavery. 

Did you even know that?

All slavery is bad. No one deserves to be a slave of any type. The kind from the past here in the United States was race based. Today’s modern slavery is sexually related.

There are people kidnapped every day and forced into sex slavery. 

“But this is 2014,” you say. Yes, it is, but this is a very real thing that is happening all over the world.

The sex slavery business is not prejudice. They will take a man, woman, or child. Even at large American events such as the Super Bowl, this kind of stuff is happening.

We need to bring awareness and aid to anyone who is fighting this war on the front lines. 

In my Scripture reading this morning, I was reminded of this horrible slavery and two ministries. 
The verse was: 

Proverbs 24: 11, “Rescue those being led away to death; hold back those staggering toward slaughter.”

That is exactly what happens to these people. They are being led to death. We need to rescue them!

Christine Cain, a remarkable woman, started this ministry called A21 Campaign. She speaks all over the world and has rescue houses where they pull people out of this slavery. http://www.thea21campaign.org/

There is a ministry that has visited my church and the leaders are good friends with my Pastor it’s called Rescue 1. They are in the Philippines. They rent houses, pull children out of sex slavery, give them a home, food, education, and counseling for healing. My church raised enough money to pay for a year of rent on a house, so they named it after us, “Providence House”. We were so excited to be a part of that! http://rescue1global.org/

These are just two of the many ministries out there fighting this battle. Take a minute and check them out. See how you can help. You will be glad you did!