I have someone in my life who is pretty selfish. I love him to death, but it is the honest truth.

Selfishness is not Godly. AT ALL.

Jesus even said in Luke 9:23, “And He was saying to them all, “If anyone wishes to come after me, he must deny himself, and take up his cross daily and follow me.”

Now, let me say this right out of the gate… I am not saying it’s wrong to take care of yourself. Ok? You need to eat right, exercise, spend time alone, get yourself good smelling soaps, etc. 

What I am saying is when you neglect others because you are so focused on yourself. THAT is wrong.

Keeping Jesus first in your life helps keep the balance.

I am far from perfect. And being a single mom with three teenagers is not easy. I could easily allow myself to be first or them to be first.

I choose not to do that. 

Even when I was married, God was first. That’s the order it should be anyway.

God, spouse, children, everyone else, then way down the way….  you.

Last week at work we had some of those Coca Colas with the names on the side. I had one that said, “Bro”. Annie, the cleaning lady was walking with me and I said, “Can’t share this with my bro, I don’t have one.”

She said, “Oh, you don’t have any brothers?” I said, “Nope. No sisters either.”

Then she said the thing all people think..”OH, I bet you were spoiled then.”

To which my response is always, “Thank goodness, no, I wasn’t.”

My mom and dad loved/ love me, but they never lavished me with things. I had what I needed. And the truth of the matter is, being an only child, if you broke the lamp, there wasn’t anyone to blame it on, right? LOL So you did it. 

I am admitting right now, that part of the reason this person in my life is selfish is my fault. I have allowed it for far too long. I “spoiled” this person in a sense. 

That is not doing anyone any favors.

Tough love is tough, not necessary sometimes.

I would appreciate your prayers today. This situation hurts my heart more than you can imagine. Also, my oldest son and I are traveling to Atlanta today for a follow up CT Scan. I am also going to ask if by some miracle we could see an orthopedic doctor or at least get his splint changed while we are there. Thank you for praying!

Oh, by the way, asking someone to pray for you isn’t selfish. I’ve heard people say that before. Asking for prayer means that you acknowledge that you need God and maybe His help through others.

Is there a selfish person in your life? How do you handle them?