I have a road trip planned today with some friends. I’m so excited! It is going to be fun to hang out with them and our trip is for a good cause.

My friend wrote a book! Remember me posting about it a couple of months ago?


Adam is having a book signing and we are going! I wanted to support his efforts and meet him and his family. 

SOOOO… I had to clean my car.

I mean, I really seriously had to clean my car.

I went to one of those ride through car washes that has the free vacuum afterwards. Most of the time when I wash my car that way, I don’t vacuum it.

Yesterday, I did.

And guess what…

I was inspired. I honestly can not remember the last time my car was vacuumed. I know, I know, that’s horrible. But it’s the truth.

As I was vacuuming up months or a years worth of dirt and leaves, this thought came to me…

“How many people let junk sit in their hearts for a long period of time without allowing God to vacuum it up?”

I’m not crazy. Stay with me here.

See, the Bible tells us to cast all of our cares on Him, because He cares for us. Jesus told us to not worry about tomorrow, because tomorrow has enough trouble of it’s own.

Why don’t listen to that?

We worry. We get anxious. We freak out over stuff.

When is the last time you really poured your heart out to God and gave Him all of your dirt, leaves, and loose change?

Can you remember?

If you can’t remember… maybe it’s time for a vacuuming! God wants to just suck those problems right up!

Will they totally go away? Probably not.

The key here is that He will take them and He will turn them around for your good… IF YOU LET HIM.

Yes, you have to turn them over. You can’t pray and not trust Him. You can’t pray and pick it back up. It doesn’t work that way.

You’ve got to let Him take it and follow His lead.

Will you do that today? I can tell you one thing… it will help. God is there. He loves you unconditionally. He wants to help you through everything. 
The good, the bad, and the ugly.

My clean car. Ain’t she pretty?