Yesterday was an awesome day!

My friends and I just had an adventure and I really needed that.

We got to Dothan to support my friend and he was blown away that I actually came to see him. That’s what friends are for, Adam. To support each other.

If I ever get my book done, and have a book signing, I hope people within driving distance will come support me too! It’s what friends do.

On the way home, we stopped in a small town and realized they were having a festival. We got out and walked around. It was cool and different. Even though I am a planner by nature, I enjoy being spontaneous sometimes.

Then, further down the road, we passed a vineyard. I turned around and went back. The vines aren’t blooming yet, but it’s beautiful out there. I had heard of the place but never visited. It also reminded me of the Scripture about God being the vine and we are the branches. It was so nice out there. I want to go back when it’s blooming.

Here is the deal for me.

Life is about treating people the way you want to be treated. Jesus told us to do that in the Bible. So I try to live that way.

But humans are selfish by nature. We want everything our way. 

Letting God lead your life is not always easy, but from my experience, it’s WAY better than me trying to do everything by myself.

You can still be spontaneous. Living for God is not about rules, regulations, and hoop jumping. It’s just letting Him guide you each day. 

God loves you so very much and He just wants to help you through life. I am thankful I have Him in mine. I’m also thankful for my friends I was with yesterday. We had a totally fun day. I needed that. I think they needed it too.

God is good, people. God is good.