Blake’s graduation picture, May 2015 Jason Townsend Photography.

On this date, 18 years ago, this guy made me a first time mom. The year before, in 1996, I had experienced two miscarriages. They were very different, but still both equally dramatizing to me. Thankfully, God promised that I would have the next baby and He was true to His promise.

Being a first time mom is scary. That baby is dependent on you for everything. Blake used to get so upset, he would scream and turn bright red, even when what was happening was ok, like a diaper change. He did calm down over time though. I remember never knowing for sure if I was doing things right for him… but I have always tried to do my best.

These past 2 1/2 years as a single mom have been a challenge as well. I am doing my very best. I love all three of my children more than they will ever know. Each one of them is special, unique, and talented.

In the picture above, on the bottom left, that’s Blake with Jason Townsend, the Children’s Pastor at our church. He has a photography business too. Blake has been interning and being mentored by Jason. This picture was taken September 18th. It was a prophetic picture. Two weeks ago, Jason called Blake and told him to come over he wanted to give him something. We were having family night, watching a TV show, but Blake went. Jason had been on vacation, and I told him maybe they brought him back something.

About 10 minutes later, my cell phone rang. Blake said, “Mama, Jason just gave me his old camera. Like, he walked out with all of the boxes, camera, lenses, everything. What just happened?”

He was saving up to buy it from Jason. It’s his dream camera. It’s a very expensive camera! Jason takes amazing pictures. Most of those in the college I made are from him. Blake has really become interested in photography and video stuff since learning under Jason and because of what he’s learning in ministry school.

Jason said God told him to give it to Blake. So he did.

That is our God for you!

God is speaking to Blake’s heart about becoming a Media Pastor. I think he’d be amazing at that. He has found what he enjoys doing. (Besides riding his bike.)

He is learning to balance life. Going to work at 5am to bread chicken at Chick-Fil-A is tiring when you are in ministry school and interning. Jason Townsend and I have both told him, “Welcome to adulthood!”

At 18, he is considered an adult in our culture. How did that happen? I have an adult child. That’s not possible! I don’t even look old enough to have an adult child. LOL

I am honored that God chose me to be Blake’s mom. He’s a great young adult. (I was about to say kid, I guess I can’t anymore.)

I love you Blake, more than you’ll ever realize. God has great plans for your life. They are plans to prosper you and not harm you. You are God’s masterpiece created for good works. You are blessed and highly favored. The work you do will be blessed. God will walk with you the entire way, if you let Him. Lean on His understanding, not yours and He will direct your path. He loves you more than I do.

God bless you today and always.