This quote really sums up what I’ve been doing wrong. (By the way, Jim Elliot was a missionary who went to another country to tell people about Jesus. He was killed by tribal people there because they didn’t understand. His wife and others stayed and the people learned about God.)

I’m not ALL here sometimes. 
I’m in my head. I’m planning stuff too far in advance and reading into things.

I am very thankful for one of my cousins and two of my best friends who have helped me realize this character flaw. I am the type of person that wants to be the best I can be. If I’m doing something wrong, I do not mind someone pointing it out to me. I want to change.

How do I go about this change?
So glad you asked.

My plan is to keep my mind focused on each day. Individually.

I will take what is said and done at face value. I will think on good things.

Philippians 4:8 says, “Finally, my brothers and sisters, always think about what is true. Think about what is noble, right and pure. Think about what is lovely and worthy of respect. If anything is excellent or worthy of praise, think about those kinds of things.”

If I’m in my head, and making up something, it’s not true!

This type of reflection on one’s self isn’t easy, but it is necessary sometimes. 

Is there anything that you feel like you should work on? I highly recommend you do it. Life, for me, will be much easier. I bet it would be for you too.