Here in the USA, it’s Thanksgiving Day. It is a day we set aside to celebrate the meal that the first pilgrims and the native Americans shared together.

As we reflect on the things we are thankful for, and this past year in particular, I know we could all come up with amazing stories.

Of course, I am thankful for the people in my life, just second to God’s love. My parents, my children, my extended family and friends mean the world to me. I am very thankful for them all.

I have a new friend that I want to introduce you to though. We met in a group on Facebook that we are both members in. Jon Acuff is a writer and speaker. He started a group called “30 Days of Hustle”. Basically, we are an encouraging group of world changers. We have things we know God has called us to do, so we encourage each other in our hustles. 

Brian just started his blog about a month ago. He is a good writer with some great ideas. He is also a great friend. Along with his blog, I am going to give you a few others to check out. Since most of you are off work today, maybe you can take a minute and click through to their sites.

Brian’s is: Brian’s Blog

Peter felt led to pray for people, so he started a prayer blog and asked all of us on the group if he could pray. He would love to pray for you too! Peter’s Blog

Ruth writes about every day life with God, a little like me. Ruth’s Blog

Last but not least, Chris Holmes believed in me so much that he bought me a book. I really enjoy his writing and his thoughts on life. I hope you enjoy what he writes as well. Chris’ Blog