Let me start off my blog with a few facts:
1. I have not seen this movie yet.
2. I realize I might start a debate, that is not my intention.
3. I hope you read this with an open mind.

I would like to address what I feel to be a lot of legalism surrounding this movie.

Usually, we read reviews on movies before we watch them. This helps us determine if we want to see it in the theater or wait for the DVD. So I can fully understand reading someone else’s opinion of the movie before watching it. However, do you always believe everything you read?

My problem is the full on attack that has happened. Attacks on the actors, on the director, etc. There are many movies and tv shows with Biblical themes that do not get everything right. Sometimes they add stuff for dramatic reasons. It is a Hollywood movie, after all.

As Christians, are we supposed to be putting people down, threatening people, or talking bad about folks? Especially people we do NOT know? 

It seems like there are a few things that are Biblical in this movie, for example, they built the ark according to Scripture. Here is a video where the director says he built the ark according to the Bible: Video about building the ark

Here is my main point: no matter who made this movie, if the name Noah makes someone think about God, isn’t that positive? If someone goes to the movie, then goes home and reads their Bible, isn’t that positive? 

You Version, a popular Bible app, sent me an email about the movie people even taking out a full page ad in the New York Times encouraging people to read their Bible! Isn’t that a GOOD thing??

I just think we should step back a moment and stop putting down this movie, the people who made it, and the people who star in it. I also think we should watch it ourselves before we pass any judgments. We can reach people for Christ through things like this, instead of spewing hate. God is love. Not hate.