You are not a piece of dirt!

Shayla spoke at Launch Out and it was awesome. She has a business and I love the tag line. “Editing your words, not your voice” I am planning on letting her be my editor for my book.

In our groups, whatever we are working on, we call it our “hustle”. One of the groups is 30 days of hustle. You can take 30 days and do whatever you need to. If you let the people in the group know, you will be encouraged.

Shayla said when your hustle goes under – keep going!

1. Acknowledge all the positive and not just the negative. View failures as positives.
2. Accept lessons learned. Don’t stay in something you hate or wonder what people think.
3. Apply knowledge gained.
4. Abstain from self destruction- don’t beat yourself up.. and don’t talk down to yourself.

You can achieve your dreams anyway. If you failed, try again.. redirect!

It doesn’t matter how many times you fail, you only have to be right once.

Jealousy is at the root of negativity when people pick on you. Try not to be jealous of others or listen to their jealousy or negativity towards you.

We let what they think stop us. Write down your failures and successes.

This can apply to every day life. If you’ve had failed relationships, it’s ok. If you’ve had failed job opportunities, it’s ok. Whatever it is. We will all make mistakes. Learn from them and move on!

Here is Shayla’s talk if you want to watch it. It’s short. Shayla’s Talk   
Oh, and if you will, pray for Shayla. She had surgery recently.