Today in the United States, it is Memorial Day. This is a day that we think of and honor our heroes who have died in combat. I have always had a reverence for any military person. That is one job I was not gifted for!

Both of my Grandfather’s served during World War 2. My Grandma even has a map framed of where my Grandpa’s troop went during their tour of duty. I have many other family members who decided to serve our country in the service. 

When someone chooses to go into the military, that’s what it is, a choice. They put their life on the line every day. 

I am reminded of Jesus’ choice too. He did not have to go to the cross, He chose to. He gave all to set us free.

The service men and women who have died, did so in order for us to keep our freedom. In the USA, we can still go to church, buy Bibles in a store, and read our Bibles freely. That’s not the case in other countries. We have freedoms that we take for granted sometimes.

I would like to thank every military person, past, present and future who reads this. Freedom really isn’t free when someone pays for it with their life.