Yesterday, I had most of the day to myself. I cleaned the house some and decided to start a puzzle. 

Of course, I picked a Snoopy puzzle that I’ve had a while. It was still brand new. 

Even with it being brand new, I’m pretty sure it is missing some pieces. I like to do the outside edge first, it gives you something to work with. 

I woke up this morning and worked on it a little more and started thinking about how life is like a puzzle.

Some times we are missing edges… like parents who weren’t around when you were a child, or parents who were there but as a child you had to raise them. Those “edges” should have been your foundation on what the rest of your life was built on, but because it was missing pieces, things had to shift.

Then, you get to the inside of the puzzle, where you are basically playing match. You need the right colors on the pieces to fit in the right places. Whoever cuts these things is a genius. (I would bet it’s a computer.)

Trying to fit the pieces together is like in life when we are looking for the person we are meant to be with. You try several different ones until you find the right one for you. You just fit together.

There is also the task of finding the job to fit your talents and skills. We might go through many jobs until the right one comes around that fits us perfectly. 

Life will never be totally perfect. Just like puzzles aren’t. We might be missing pieces, but luckily, God can fill those empty spaces for us.

If you grew up without parents, He will be glad to fill that role for you. If your heart was broken by someone you trusted, He will mend it and bring you the right person to love you and never break your heart. 

God is the master puzzle solver! He knows what pieces best fit us and He will bring those pieces into our lives when the timing is right. 

I know I am probably the only person on earth who would put a puzzle together and start thinking about life and God. I admit it, I’m weird. But, you know what? I’m ok with that.