I am not really a NASCAR race fan at all. I have watched before, but honestly, the best parts are the wrecks, and that’s just dangerous. Not to mention, I feel guilty for liking the wrecks! LOL

My Pastor went to something called “The NASCAR Experience”. He actually drove a race car.

On Father’s Day, he told us about it.

He was surprised that the “driver’s training” was short and nothing major. He thought they might have virtual cars to drive or something. They didn’t.

The trainee told them these things:

1. Listen to your spotter. There is a man in the stands watching. You have ear buds in your helmet. And you have to click the steering wheel to talk back. If you do not respond, they turn the car off or something.

2. Stay in your lane. There are three lanes. They were told to stay in the middle lane. Along with the experience people, there were pros doing ride alongs, so they were on the track as well.

3. Trust the car. It was built for the race and knows how to run it.

Jason said he couldn’t help but think about God.

1. We need constant communication with God. He knows what is ahead of us. We don’t. 

2. Stay in your lane. Other people’s lives are their’s. DO NOT compare yourself to other’s. Be content with who you are and how you are made up.

3. Trust your purpose. God has a plan and purpose for our lives. It’s a plan to prosper us, not harm us. Use your gifts and talents for Him. 

If you are struggling with any of these, slow down. Sometimes we let life get too fast. It makes us miss a lot. Other times, we just specifically ignore what God is saying so we can do our own thing.

God loves you. He is not a bully in the sky trying to hurt you if you don’t do things His way. It has been my experience that His ways are better.

There was a time in my life that I did not pray and read my Bible. I have struggled with comparing myself to others. I still do sometimes. The one area I am comfortable in, is my purpose. I feel like in my heart that I am doing EXACTLY what God made me for.

If you need help with this, talk to someone about it. It’s not always easy, but it is the better way to live. I am here if you need me.