I am going to attempt to put into words what I have experienced the last two days.

Here is the deal…if you have been with me for any time,you know I mention these “Facebook groups” started by writer Jon Acuff. Well, Launch Out Conference is the people in those groups getting together. 

It was a meeting of the masterminds, if you will.

Me & Jon Acuff

We are regular people with regular lives. Some have day jobs, others are working and living their dream jobs. Some are married, some are not. Some have children, some do not. 

What we all have in common is that we met online. We support each other’s dreams, and want to help each other build those dreams.

It is crazy to think that instead of being selfish about what we are doing, and keeping to ourselves, that we share our deepest desires and callings with each other. 

It’s even crazier to think that we aren’t jealous of each other.

You see, love isn’t jealous, love is kind.

What I have experienced the past two days is hard to put into words. I have met people I admire and look up to. I have heard messages that inspired me and pushed me toward my goals and dreams. 

I even got onto one of the MC’s, Jerrod, because twice I heard him say, “I’m “JUST” an MC/ host. You guys do all awesome stuff.”

I told Jerrod that he has an awesomely unique voice, and he’s not “JUST” anything! 
Because it’s true. 

Me & Matt Ham 

Something he said in particular during his talk really hit home with me. It’s SO HUGE that I don’t want to share it just yet. It’s a BIG dream. But I know if God is in it, He will make it happen.

Next year, Randy Langley, the man who started these conferences, wants to go bigger and host three! One will be in Atlanta. I have volunteered to help pull it off. I am so excited!

What I think these conferences and these groups do, is what Christianity is all about. Showing love, being love, and sharing in each other’s lives. 

I don’t think I will ever be the same person I was a few days ago. As a matter of fact, I know I won’t. God has big things for me! I am excited to watch Him work.

Beautiful Sunset at the Vineyard Thursday night