If you are a parent, you can relate to making sure your children have everything they need before you do for yourself. Especially when they are growing, because you’ve always got to have new clothes as they get bigger.

Sometimes, it’s even food. I know a mom who has gone without just so her children can eat.

You don’t even have to be a parent with human children. I have friends who are dog lovers and those dogs are their children. They will do whatever it takes to provide for them or even get fun stuff like toys and all.

Usually, when you become a parent of any sort, you love those children (whether they be fur children or not), more than yourself.

YOU goes on the back burner. It’s just the way things are.

My parents taught me a great lesson in middle school. I went to a “magnet” school. It was advanced and children from all over the county attended by being put in a lottery and draw out to attend. 

Some of my best friends lived across town. Their parents made more money than mine. My dad was the manager of an insulation company and my mom has owned her own business since I was around 6 or so. 

My friends had all name brand clothes. Back then, it was Guess Jeans, Tree Torn Shoes, and Espirit shirts. I had a best friend with these items and she shared. It was cool.

So, I asked for Guess Jeans one Christmas.

My parents gave me a crisp $100 bill and said, “Go get your jeans.”

When I got the store. They are $45! That would have been about half of my money. I decided right then that name brand wasn’t that big a deal. I ended up with jeans, a sweater, socks, and earrings. A whole outfit. 

That lesson is one I still live by today.

Yesterday, on our trip to Atlanta, my son and I stopped at some Goodwill stores. At the first one, almost last minute, I looked at the purses.

There was a pretty one for fall. Brown and blue. Blue is my favorite color and like brown with it. I walked over and looked. It’s a Vera Bradley purse. I looked up at the sign, $4.94. I thought, “WHAT?”

I looked the bag over, it has the Vera tags, there are no holes, nothing wrong it. 

So I bought it. I treated myself. When we got in the car, of course, my son had no idea what a deal I had gotten. I pulled up Vera Bradley purses on my phone. $60, $70, $80. They are pretty pricey.

I feel like God was saying, “This is a special thing just for you.”

Is that silly? It’s a purse. It’s not anything I NEEDED. 

I think God was showing me that He wants me to have blessings. And He will provide for all that I need, and sometimes things I want.

Jesus told the disciples in Matthew 6: 25-34 not to worry about things. If God clothes the grass in the field and feeds the birds, He will take care of us. Even sometimes the little things that bring us happiness. Since God is our “Heavenly Father”, don’t you think He would want to take care of us and do for us just like an earthly parent would? I believe He does!

Life can get crazy. Sometimes it really is the little things that make it better.

What is something awesome that happened to you this week? Tell me about it.