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2 Timothy 2:22 HCSB, Flee from youthful passions, and pursue righteousness, faith, love, and peace, along with those who call on the Lord from a pure heart.”

This has been a very tiring week for me. Sunday evening, my outside dogs started barking at a tree. I took a flashlight and looked, but never saw anything. Their barking has continued all week. All throughout the night, as well as the day. I checked again on Tuesday night, but still did not see anything.

Last night, my middle son was tired of hearing it. He went out with a flashlight and looked again. This time he saw a small raccoon in one of the trees.

A friend suggested a man on Facebook that catches wildlife, so I called. It was late, but I couldn’t take another night of barking. I also realized this poor raccoon has been in our trees for days with no food or water.

This couple who rescue animals had to go borrow a ladder before they headed by way. So, they asked me to keep an eye on the raccoon, that way we would know where it was when they got here.

It was in my neighbor’s tall pine tree at first. Still easily seen by my dogs, who were horse from barking so much. I came in the house, went back out, and it had moved into one of my trees. It was closer to the ground, which was a good thing. I would shine the flash light on it to make sure it was still in that spot, then just wait.

When it started moving again, I kept the flashlight on it to see where it was going. Soon, it jumped to my largest oak tree. I am glad I kept an eye on it like they told me to.

THEN I had a revelation.

Aren’t we like the raccoon sometimes? We get stuck in a situation or circumstance. It seems hopeless. There are choices to make, but they are all barking at us… and not really the best choices.

We ask God for guidance…so He shines His light on the subject. But, then everyone can see us. So we run. We try to get back in the dark place because we are too afraid of what’s below.

It’s a raccoon life, for us. WHY do we do that?

Those barking, not good choices that are waiting to eat us alive are way worse than the light shining on us. The light can heal. The light is rescue. The light is better for us.

I pray that next time you are in a situation like this, you will remember this story. God has a plan for us all. It’s not a plan to harm us. If we run to the light, the good stuff… run to patience, love, righteousness, and faith, our lives will be better for it.

God bless you today and always.