Have you ever been inside and heard rain, but once you looked out of the window or door, you couldn’t see it? I mean, if it’s pouring hard, you can see that for sure. If it’s on a window, you can see it. But maybe just a little is falling off the roof, and you hear it hit the ground, but when you look further you can’t see anything? Trying to look at a group of trees doesn’t help either.

Or maybe you’ve watched a sports game on TV where it was raining, but some of the shots it looks like a perfectly fine day. Then, when the camera hits something solid colored you see the rain. 

Sometimes, I think we forget that God is there too, because we can’t see Him.

Have you ever felt that way?

I’m sure some people think we are crazy Christians because we love and serve a God we can not see.

Let me tell you one thing, while I can not see Him, I feel Him often.

God is that still small voice that whispers to my heart. 

He is that encouraging word from a loved one.

He is in that tight hug that you got just when you needed it.

That financial blessing you needed, that you got just in time, yep, that was Him.

Our God has an imagination, I mean, have you seen the sunset?

He does not always do things the same, but He is always the same. And He is always here for us.

Look for those times. Do not go through your day just wondering around. Pay attention. He really is there and wants to speak to you.