I saw this video last night and cried. It was silly of me, but I did.

Mr. G and Jellybean 

Yesterday, two of my best friends said some of the nicest things about me. It just humbles me and warms my heart. I struggle with my self esteem sometimes, but to hear the things they said just moved me. 

Friends are so important in our lives. It does not matter how many you have. One can even be enough. At least with that one you are not totally alone.

I am reminded of King David and Jonathan’s friendship in the Bible. They loved each other like brothers. The weird thing about it was that Jonathan should have become the next King. His dad was King Saul. But, he recognized the call God put on David’s life and did not care that he was losing the crown. He helped David hide from King Saul. They were like brothers.

Job had his friends come sit with him during the terrible time that he went through. 

We are made for community. We are supposed to be in each other’s lives living life together. That’s just how God designed us. The new testament church in Acts talks about how they ate together, worshiped together, and helped each other. That’s what we are here for.

I hope and pray that you can at least count on one friend in your life. If you are closed off and do not have someone in your life, take a leap of faith… let someone in. You will be glad you did!