My pastor had a great message Sunday about handling stress this holiday season.

Your main question should be this: 
What can I do to make this the best it can be?

I know, I know. You were hoping I was going to tell you how to make others act right this holiday season, weren’t you?

Here are a few easy steps for you:

1. Realize it’s not about you! Sorry.. but it’s really not. We should be about love, patience, kindness, mercy, all of the fruits of the Spirit. If someone is mean to you, don’t take it personally. Hurting people hurt people. It happens, every day.

2. Think before you speak! Yep. Don’t dishonor folks. And remember, words are words, even if they are from your fingers or thumbs! Be careful what you text, tweet or Facebook.  You lose 25% of your IQ when you get angry. So, keep that in mind, as well.

3. Make a plan! Pray before you go! Go and spend time with your family and friends, but if you usually have a difficult time, make a plan. Have your time to leave already planned. Do something different from what you normally do and ride out the time. You can endure anything for a little while.

4. Be realistic, but hopeful! Don’t put pressure on yourself. Things will probably not be perfect, and that’s ok. God will help you through this.

It is my prayer that you all have a GREAT Thanksgiving this week and an awesome Christmas! I hope you have family and friends to gather around the table with. If not, and you live close, come join me. We always have room for one more. You know why? Because we love God and we love people. Period.

How do you handle stress during the holidays?