Hey guys! I know I haven’t posted a blog in a week or so. Sorry about that. I missed writing. On Monday of last week, I had a sick child. Then on Tuesday my internet messed up and wasn’t fixed until Friday. I had a busy weekend, so I didn’t sit down to write. I’m back though, and hope to be posting daily.

For my birthday a couple of weeks ago, someone special to me gave me a Keurig coffee maker. It is really nice. I have also gotten a couple of coffee mugs with Charlie Brown and Snoopy on them. They are my favorites. This is what they look like:

In order to make my coffee, I have to put water in the machine. It will make 3 different sizes. I have noticed that the amount of water I put in is exactly what I get back out. 

This got me thinking.

What am I putting in to my relationships? 

Am I half way trying? Do my times of talking with family and friends only center around me? If so, that needs to change. 

You get out what you put in. I think that’s true for a lot of things in life.

Work hard, get paid.

No work, no pay.

This can apply to our relationship with God too. Am I praying daily? Am I reading a devotional or my Bible? Am I listening to the people He has placed in my life? 

You see, I believe God speaks through His Word and people. If I’m not listening, I will miss Him.

Take time today to actually put something into your relationships. All of them. Remember what I’ve said about time? It is THE most valuable thing you can ever give someone. 

How much do you put in?